Below we’ll provide insight about best practices used in email marketing campaigns and why this specific marketing tactic shouldn’t be ignored. You should gain an understanding on how to create an email marketing strategy around list building, email sequencing, and messaging.

  1. What is the ROI on Email Marketing?
  2. Email Marketing is NOT Dead
  3. Email Marketing Statistics
  4. Launch a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  5. Build Your Email List with VisitorAI
  6. Nurturing Your Leads

Over the years technology has transformed the digital marketing space into a fragmented micro-moment ecosystem. With the rise of the internet emerged other connected devices such as mobile phones and smart devices (making things more complicated…in a good way).

Unlike the old days where businesses were limited to TV, radio, and print, and the early stages of digital where marketing campaigns consisted of keywords and text ads, we now have multiple marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. We have the means to buy display inventory and digital video ads programmatically and connected TV/OTT through devices like Amazon, Hulu, Roku, Sling TV, Smart TVs, xBox…chat bots, text messaging, and email.

With all of this, it can get very confusing where you should spend your advertising dollars and get the best return on ad spend (ROAS).

1. What is the ROI on Email Marketing?

If dont right, email marketing campaigns continuously emerge as one of the top performing marketing tactics returning a healthy ROI.

According to eMarketer, the median ROI is 122%.

That’s almost 4 times higher than any other digital marketing channel and generates about $40 on every dollar spent.

What’s quite astonishing is less than 30% of the digital marketers polled understand their true ROI within their marketing funnels. Don’t let this deter you, below you’ll learn how to pivot and make sure you have a plan of action in place to make email marketing one of the top performers in your marketing mix/toolbox.

2. Email Marketing is NOT Dead

Email encompasses each part of the buy cycle through email sequencing and “story telling”.

The customer journey is always evolving, but email marketing is NOT dead. When done right, email marketing is a relationship building tool as well as a profit building tool. Generally speaking, email marketing is about the customer. Not just about you or your company. It’s one of the only channels that allows you to serve up valuable information about your product or service directly to people who have expressed some sort of interest.

Even though email marketing has been around for decades, it is one of the only ways to engage with your customers and strengthen that connection with those customers. It’s also a great way to re-engage your users to remind them that you’re still in business. Your brand voice will go a long way with the right messaging in your email marketing campaigns.

For this, you need to shift the way you think about marketing.

  • No, we aren’t targeting low funnel searches with long tailed keywords.
  • No, we aren’t push marketing with a specific message through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • No, we aren’t staying top-of-mind building awareness through Connected TV/OTT
  • No, we aren’t soliciting business through direct mailers
  • Yes, we want to build awareness
  • Yes, we want to influence consideration
  • Yes, we want to help the user make a decision

3. Email Marketing Statistics

  • Email generates $38-$40 for every dollar spent (~3,800% ROI)
  • ⅓ of emails that contain an offer are interesting enough to open (*Adobe’s Consumer Email Survey in 2018)
  • 4 billion email users worldwide
  • 1.5 billion Gmail accounts worldwide
  • 250 million email users in the United States
  • 76% of adults in the United States use email
  • 60% of users check their emails during a TV show or movie

4. Launch a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email campaigns should encompass multiple emails with a different end result. A typical email campaign will consist of the following sequencing pattern:

  • Email #1: Open offer
  • Email #2: Info on customer pain points
  • Email #3: Shared a success story
  • Email #4: Address customer objections
  • Email #5: 24 hours left (offer)
  • Email #6: Last call 2 hours before the offer ends

Don’t get lost in the flood of emails
Take time to develop a strategy or your emails will get lost in the crowd.

  1. Segment out your list into audiences
  2. Create messaging around those audiences
    • Have they purchased from you in the past?
    • Were those users cart abandoners?
    • Did they only sign up for your newsletter?
    • Is this the first time you’re emailing them?
  3. Decide your campaign type from #2
  4. Create a schedule of follow up emails
  5. Measure your results

5. Build Your Email List with VisitorAI

With VisitorAI you can build your email lists seamlessly while also reducing the amount of wasted ad spend on non-converting traffic that you’ve driven to your site. Our technology creates a fingerprint of visitors who viewed pages on your website. We are able to create a fingerprint of roughly 40% of visitors who go to your website and never create an account, make a purchase, or sign up for a newsletter. Take for example a typical paid search campaign:

Ad Campaign:

  • Budget – $10,000
  • Avg. CPC – $5
  • Visits – 2,000
  • Conversion Rate – 5%
  • Leads – 100
  • CPA – $100

Using VisitorAI’s technology you’ll be able to create a digital fingerprint of visitors, grow your email list, and capture ~40% of those visitors. Let’s take another look:

Ad Campaign:

  • Budget – $10,000
  • Avg. CPC – $5
  • Visits – 2,000
  • Conversion Rate – 40%
  • Leads – 800
  • CPA – $12.50 (87.5% decrease in CPA!!!)

Keep in mind, this does not account for any fingerprints created from organic users! This is powerful technology and we want you to STOP wasting your advertising spend. Let us show you how to squeeze every cent out of your marketing budget and target users who have visited your website and show a high level of intent!

6. Nurturing Your Leads

Now that we’ve taken the hard part out of list building, it’s your turn to practice lead nurturing. Nurture your leads into customers. A main focus you should have is to see how quickly you can push these leads through the buy cycle with a proper email campaign that ecompasses email sequencing as explained above.

Make sure you’re tracking engagement (open rates, click through rates, and site metrics).

See how quickly users move through the buy cycle with each message in your sequence.

Lastly, the impact on your top and bottom line revenue. As you navigate through each touch point you should be able to measure the success of each message into a dollar amount (ROI). For this, decide a value of each engagement across your marketing campaign(s), not just with email.

Utilizing Visitor AI’s technology, you’ll be able to compliment your existing retargeting marketing spend and re-engage users through email. Scroll to the very end to see how our tech stack can help you decrease your CPA by >80%