Geo-Fencing & Location Based Targeting

Targeting offline locations to build your online audience.

Create Target Zones

Hyper local targeting allowing you to draw and create exact target zones or geo-fences around your physical location and competitor’s locations.

Build Your Audience

By using cellular data, GPS, WiFi and RFID technology you can build audience lists when a mobile device, with location services on, enters a fenced target zone.

Deliver Your Message

Follow your audience online after they’ve left a geo-fenced target zone. Build awareness and create purchase intent through a highly targeted message.


Experience the power of precision

Geo-fencing technology used to be only available for large enterprise. Now it’s available to you.

Valuable insights from your location based targeting.

  • Location specific data (business intelligence)
  • Increase engagement both online & offline
  • Personalize customer's experience

Marketing & advertising solutions for every business!

Maximize your ad performance

Improve your competitive advantage by harnessing the power of geo-fencing and location based targeting.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to better understand your customer’s purchase intent, where they’ve been (proximity) and know if your ad translated into a qualified visit?

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