Lead generation is a classic business strategy that has existed for generations. This is a process that involves acquiring the contact information from a person who has shown some sort of intent for a service or product.

An example some of you might be familiar with or can relate to is after you’ve purchased a home. With access to public property records, companies will begin to send you direct mail. You might receive an off from local restaurants welcoming you into the neighborhood, cable/internet companies to sign up for their television and internet service, Home Depot, online retailers, dentists, etc. This is because the post office is allowed to sell information about people who recently moved or submitted a mail forwarding request.

  1. Classic Lead Gen Model
  2. How to Generate more QUALIFIED Leads

1. The Classic Lead Generation Model

Since the internet’s inception the number of websites online has grown substantially along with the amount of content uploaded and overall usage. Many businesses, online retailers, and affiliate marketers create additional pages with one thing in mind; to capture information, get you to create an account, or make a purchase.. This could be in the form of squeeze/landing pages that ask pre-qualifying questions specific to the service or simple email submission forms. There’s usually no upfront costs for consumers in the research phase of the buying lifecycle. Any user visiting these types of landing pages could easily become a paying client and very valuable..

Most businesses are accustomed to receiving cold calls or emails from lead service providers that offer to sell qualified leads B2B or B2C.

In order to understand if this model is right, you need to know your numbers.

  1. How much are you acquiring the leads for
  2. What is your average closing rate
  3. What margin you make on the products and services you sell
  4. What the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer segments are
  5. What upgrade/upsell paths do you offer to increase your average revenue per user (ARPU)?

Let’s take a look at the online education vertical as an example.

Online Education Business Example:

  • Purchase 100 leads
  • Cost per lead = $50
  • Total cost = $5,000
  • Closing rate = 10%
  • Total leads closed = 10

In the example above, your true cost per lead closed is $500 ($5,000 cost / 10 leads closed).

The average online degree costs on average $30,000 to complete. Over the lifetime of 1 lead, the online university makes $29,500. Look at your existing marketing campaigns and see if you’re able to determine and calculate your true cost per qualified lead. This can take a lot of time and resources. Calculate your cost savings in time and the employee economic impact with following up, setting appointments, and closing the lead. You’ll have a harder time demonstrating revenue contribution and true ROI.

If you’re in Education, Insurance, Real Estate, Legal, Home Service, or any industry that requires outbound marketing and inbound lead generation, there’s another way…

2. How to Generate more QUALIFIED Leads

What if we told you that you could generate leads from your website from users who have been to your website but never completed an action? These users are high intent and need to be massaged and nurtured into your lead funnel. You may be asking yourself, how do I reach these people if they didn’t fill out anything?

With VisitorAI’s technology we are able to create a fingerprint for ~40% of the users who visit your website and capture their Name, Email and Address.

What can you do with this information?

Remember, these are users who visited your website and have already shown interest. You should begin to nurture these leads with targeted messaging and an email sequence to capture their attention. With VisitorAI’s technology you can also send these visitors a direct mail piece that arrives within 24-48 hours from the time they viewed your website. You’ll have a much higher response rate due the fact the user already knows your brand since they were researching on your website before.

A Business Using VisitorAI’s Lead Gen Pixel:

  • VisitorAI cost = $1,500 – $3,000
  • Your website’s traffic = 3,000 new/unique visitors
  • Lead Capture Rate = 40% (with our Lead Gen Pixel)
  • New leads captured = 1,200

At $3,000 you’re generating high intent leads for only $2.50. Stop paying for overpriced non-exclusive leads. This lead generation monetization technique is a no brainer when considering your options and looking for ways to grow your business.

If you’re already marketing through advertising channels, such as Facebook and Instagram or mid-to-low funnel search marketing in channels like Google and Yahoo!/Bing, then you should complement your ad spend with VisitorAI’s technology; so none of it goes to waste.

The new amount of leads you’ll be able to target in your email campaigns and direct mail campaigns will improve your reach, frequency, and conversions. Overtime, with a monthly ad spend of $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000, the addition to your bottom line can be tremendous.

Now, take a moment to imagine the number of potential customers you’re NOT reaching with your current strategy and how your marketing and advertising efforts can be improved with VisitorAI’s Lead Gen pixel.